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Innovation comes from the study of the past

Combination of the success of NC Links and Esp Dragon

By integrating the successful experience of NC Links and ESP Dragon,
and considering IoT, Marimba M3 made its debut.
NC Links has been connecting NC machine tools for 30 years, even now it is in active service.
Esp Dragon connects building equipments such as electric meters, BEMS, solar power, storage batteries, air conditioning system and so on.
The new product Marimba M3 was created from the integration of
NC Links, Esp Drangon, IEEE1888, cloud computing and application technology.
It is perhaps the INNOVATION.


  • Everything Smartly Connected
  • All existing equipments can be connected

It can be introduced to all existing equipments, and it implements the connection among all equipments.
Visualization comes from the combination of operation data of counters and the electrical energy data, for example.
Marimba M3 makes those all possible.

  • Easy Setup
  • Only 3 steps of setup procedure

  • 1
  • Current Situation Survey
  • Confirm connector shape and
    power wire
  • 2
  • Connection Setting
  • Set up Marimba M3 and connect to all circuits.
  • 3
  • Operation Check
  • Communication and
    operation test

  • As You Like
  • Flexible usage in various usage scenes

  • User Friendly Interface
  • Multiple functions extend the "possibility" of usage

  • Great UI Design

    The display and monitoring of electrical consumption data and counter data is possible through a mobile device without staying at the manufacturing site. Data correlation will be displayed by simply designed Othello Chart.

  • DNC Function

    It is possible to transform CAD/CAM data into NC data, and control is also possible because of the transmission and reception of data by status management function.

  • Electrical Consumption Management Function

    According to the judgement of electric power, power consumption within working, standby and interval time, all can be grasped.

  • Operation Management Function

    Confirming operational status of machines is possible anywhere by judging from connection signal of patrol lamps and power consumption information.

  • Quality Control Function


    Patrol lamps make anomaly detection possible. Moreover, the temperature change during manufacturing can be grasped by temperature sensors.

  • Production Control Function

    Comprehending production quantity by using production counter. It also can be used as production results input device.


  • Does any machine can be connected?
  • Yes, it is possible to connect any machines. We have 30 years experience of the connection in factories and data transmission and so on.
    Regardless of the manufacturers, also despite old or new style the machine is, any can be connected.
  • What is DNC function?
  • DNC function is that Marimba M3 conducts direct data transmission with NC machine tools and controls machine tools. Inheriting the technology of our successful product NC Links (6000 of which have been introduced by 500 companies), Marimba M3 is easier to use with batch transmission function was added.
    For more information, please check out CIMX HP
  • Do I have to connect all machines?
  • No. You feel free to decide the number of machines need to connect, and the data or information need to collect.
  • Is WiFi indispensable?
  • No. Marimba M3 is also capable of working in a LAN (local-area network). We would build the system according to what information you manage and to fit in your current network environment, such as standalone or on-premises or in a cloud environment.
  • Do I have to prepare a device or a monitor for viewing data?
  • No. You don't have to purchase or provide any particular monitors or devices. A computer or a smartphone capable of browsing and has access to the Internet is enough.

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